Young Athletes

P.J. Crosby

I was living with daily pain, not being able to play the sports I had always played, being driven to top specialists in spinal care at Children’s Hospital in Boston, missing school sinking into a depression as my future was being described as never being able to play the sports I loved again and spending months in an immobilization brace to minimize the movement of my spine to “hopefully” reduce the pain. At 16 years old I was hearing I likely would need spinal fusion to stop the pain of my condition, spondylothesis, with 2 bulging discs. My family being in the fitness business decided to give Jeff Anderson a call and see if he could possibly help. Through just a few session with Jeff using the Meca wedge and following his protocol of strengthening exercises I was within a few weeks out of my brace and able to gradually resume most activities. It has now been 4 months since I have worked with Jeff, but have continued faithfully using the MECA WEDGE and Jeff’s exercise protocol and consider myself pain free. I play on 2 baseball teams, haven’t missed school due to back pain and work out at the gym regularly. My life has been changed thanks to his guidance and program. I was losing hope and being told by trained professionals that I had nothing positive to look forward to. Jeff’s positive approach not only lifted my spirits but turned my daily pain into me being a better baseball player with more confidence and no pain! I am a better athlete with much stronger body awareness thanks to the MECA program.