Licia F.

The MECA Back Wedge has improved my back personally, but really it has improved my core confidence in training, working out and my belief in the whole system. As a body worker and yogi I see so many back problems and so many unsuccessful back operations. I am excited to see the MECA principals applied with such integrity! Thank you for all this hard work to reeducate myself and others.

Eleanor L.

I have been been attending Pilates classes regularly for nearly ten years. I love how I feel walking out of class. However my back problems although improved always seemed to be nagging and lingering. Sometimes as soon as a few hours after class my back would start acting up again. I did not however want to give up Pilates. After meeting Amy (I was on the Cape for a few weeks last summer) and learning about the MECA Back Wedge, I had an ah ha, moment. It all made sense! The classes in which we did lots of flexion based exercises such as, Rolling like a ball, Roll ups and Roll overs although feeling good at the time, always got my back going that night. The solution was simple. I now bring my wedge to class and perform all the exercises on the wedge, making substitutions for the exercises that cause me to posterior pelvic tilt (although my teacher is doing less and less after I told her what I had learned). I didn’t have to give up the class and the wonderful group of woman that I love to see. Not to mention, my back has not bothered me since I began using the wedge. What a win, win situation! The entire class, including my Pilates teacher can’t get over how well I am doing and how great I feel. They are completely intrigued by my wedge so much so they want to convert the entire class to Pilates on the Wedge. Thanks Amy and MECA!

Chris G.

I just wanted to write to thank you for introducing my friend Christine to

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the wedge. She raves about it, and bought me one for my birthday. Now at first I thought – what is she trying to tell me, then I tried it. I felt a difference immediately, I was working muscles in my abs I had not been introduced to before. I have always done crunches and pilates, but the wedge took the strain off my back and has helped to create definition I haven’t seen in years. Thanks.