m.e.c.a. Training

What is m.e.c.a. Training?

MECA Training is focused on improving the fitness levels and

biomechanical body awareness in the exercises many of us perform.  This program

will both educate and motivate you to get the most of your workouts. We

offer daily tools, exercise videos, nutritional guidance, recipes, exercise tips,

the latest in biomechanical research on the safest and most effective training

tecniquess offered.  You will learn ways to incorporate these movements into your

daily life to enjoy a pain free, fit lifestyle.  Dr. Jeffrey Anderson of the

MECA Back Institute in collaboration with Heather Crosby will guide you

to your best possible you.

These services are available to all of our clients.   We offer the tools to make your workout not only effective

but enjoyable for whatever fitness journey you are on.

Our goal is to reach as many people as

possible with this revolutionary training protocol discovered and patented by

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson.

Watch for fitness conferences in 2016, www.dcacfitness.com, www.ifta-fitness.com, www.ecaworldfitness.comwww.aaai-ismafitness.com

Don’t miss out on the latest, greatest and safest

workout program to hit the fitness industry!

Contact us to schedule a private certification or master class in your area.