What is m.e.c.a.?

MECA is an acronym for Mobility, Elasticity, Core Stability and Adaptability – the first three items represent the integrated components leading to maximized overall back health, which is measured by Adaptability.  The greater the Adaptability, the less likely you are of developing a back issue.



The independent movement between spinal joints.


The resiliency of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and discs). Elasticity differs from flexibility in that elasticity refers to the pliability or resiliency of soft tissue rather then just being flexible.  Good, functional soft tissue is like a raquetball, poor soft tissue is like a lacrosse ball.

CORE STRENGTH (and Core Stability):

The strength and balance of inner unit core muscles and their ability to stabilize movement.


The integration of these three elements (Mobility, Elasticity, Core Stability) improves the ability of our spine to function without deficit or mechanical breakdown, increasing the spine’s overall resilience. Like any other machine, our body mechanics are a reflection of the optimized function of its parts and the ability of those parts to work together as a cohesive unit.