Understanding Back Pain

Please watch this empowering video explaining where the overwhelming majority of back pain comes from and why the Wedge is such an effective solution.

Most back pain, in fact most musculoskeletal “conditions” are related to poor movement.  Our movement has changed in the last 150 years from the way we evolved to move.  Sitting during our growth years is why.  Your diagnosis is not your problem.  Movement that lead to your diagnosis or condition is the problem.  We address all back issues with the same objective, regardless of the diagnosis.  We help them to comfortably accept anterior pelvic tilt and subsequent lumbar extension.  In order to fully understand lower back pain, it is imperative to understand viscoelastic creep and some of its effects. Please watch this video that summarizes core function, viscoelastic creep and why traditional core exercises may help for a short time, but come with a penalty that will eventually lead to back pain and degenerative changes.  Traditional core or abdominal exercises are much like brushing your teeth aggressively with a hard bristled toothbrush!  It is well intended, but it will eventually lead to some type of back condition.