Katie M.

I have to tell you that your program is the best that I have ever done and I have been in sooooo many different programs for umpteen years. It is gratifying to feel so good and strong. Your plan did it.

Cary W.

This is definitely the best thing I have done for my body especially my back! Thank you!

Mary Ann M.

Regular use of the MECA Back Wedge has helped me undue the lower back and spinal damage caused by over 20 years of long-distance commuting. This isn’t the latest workout “toy” du jour. Incorporating the MECA Wedge and principles into your fitness routine will change your life.

Donna P.

Think of the song I Feel Pretty: I feel agile, oh so agile, not fragile, but agile and strong! Yes, being agile and strong at almost 66 years of age does make me break into song. My goal after my shoulder surgery was to strengthen my upper body so that I could pickup my grandchildren as they moved from infancy to school age. The reality is that I am stronger than before the surgery and I am able to run, play on the floor and almost keep up with my 5 and 7 year old grandchildren. Thank you for moving me from using 3 pound weights to swinging a 16kg kettlebell, thank you for challenging me to hold plank for 2.5 minutes and awkward pose for 1.5 minutes–now I know I can! Thank you for my healthy back–who knew I could do core exercises on a MECA BACK WEDGE placed on a foam roller! I am now in better shape than my much younger doctor. The flexibility and strength gained through your classes allowed me to prevent my grandson, who was three years old at the time, from a major head injury. Following him up the stairs to his bedroom, I turned to see what the noise was behind us (his sister catching-up), then turned back to see him falling head first down the stairs. He had also turned and lost his balance. I was able to reach out and scoop him up with not even a bounce. I thanked you then and I thank you once again for my strength, core stability, flexibility and balance.

Arlene S.

I have completely eliminated chiropractic visits. Amazing!

Faith S.

When I was introduced to the MECA Wedge, I wasn’t sure if it would benefit me. However, using the wedge has enhanced my workout ten-fold and it has helped my back tremendously! I get on my MECA Wedge every day, usually at the end of a busy day, for about 10 minutes. I have had no lower back pain for the past year. I get on my MECA after a long drive, a weekend at camp (yes I bring it with me), after working in the garden, sometimes I even start my day by unloading before a particularly hectic day. It took a few weeks of getting used to it, but I am so glad I was introduced to the MECA Wedge. I encourage anyone new to using the wedge to keep at it. The rewards are countless.

Scott O.

The Wedge is the best thing ever!

Bill G.

My wonderful back therapy. Actually it is a mind therapy. Can’t wait to get through the exercise positions to the wonderful Wedge. I always save it to last to reward myself for the effort required

on the other exercises. It is the most therapeutic assistant I have ever experienced. Once I place my spine in the proper position my heart rate immediately drops to 60 and I begin to feel a sense of wonderful relaxation and peace. Am beginning to use it in the middle of the night when I wake up and my brain begins to race with too many thoughts to get back to sleep. Ten minutes and my brain is once again calm. Thanks for this simple but wonderful device to my continued well-being.

Gary C.

Using the MECA Back Wedge has been pivotal in helping me maintain my back fitness and comfort, and has allowed me to continue working within my practice healthfully.