Michelle M-S.

I am a person who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and running. Prior to using the wedge I have always tried to improve my ability in these areas by working out with weights and practicing yoga, but nothing has strengthened my core like the Wedge.

I have incorporated the wedge in my daily exercise program and have developed a stronger core than I ever thought possible. I never realized how much a stronger core would affect my abilities, and the wedge has increased my core strength in a way nothing else has.

The wedge has helped me keep my hips closer to the wall relieving the weight off my arms while rock climbing. It has been easier to climb at steeper inclines and more overhangs. I have been able to run and hike longer distances than ever before. As I add more difficult exercises to my wedge program, it seems there are endless ways to work with the wedge that will strengthen my core and enhance my abilities even more.

Not to mention, I bring my wedge with me everywhere I travel. Below are pictures of my Wedge with me in Nepal, those are the Himalayas in the background of the picture on the right.

Kim B.

I was in pretty good shape before, but after I was introduced to the MECA Back Wedge and 1 1/2 years of “wedge” work, I feel my core is stronger than ever. I highly recommend the MECA Back Wedge to anyone that is interested in achieving incredible core strength.

Chris G.

I just wanted to write to thank you for introducing my friend Christine to the wedge. She raves about it, and bought me one for my birthday. Now at first I thought – what is she trying to tell me, then I tried it. I felt a difference immediately, I was working muscles in my abs I had not been introduced to before. I have always done crunches and pilates, but the wedge took the strain off my back and has helped to create definition I haven’t seen in years. Thanks.

Kate Hansen Fire Lt./ Paramedic, Chatham, MA Fire Dept.

I have worked as a paramedic / Firefighter for over 30 years. Let me tell you, that is a lot of heavy, awkward lifting. After attending your class and using the MECA Wedge for only a month, I can truly say my back has never felt better and my core has never been stronger. Thank you.

James Carron IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

Since I’ve been using the MECA Back Wedge exclusively for my abdominal training, my abs have never been better and I no longer have back issues.

James Carron IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

I’ve been using the wedge for over a year now. For several years before I was in constant pain from sciatica and a bulging disk in my spine. If I feel tension or pain I hop on the wedge for 10 minutes, then do a couple of exercises and I’m as good as new… If the pain persists I get back on a few more times and it ALWAYS fixes the problem, it’s amazing to feel bad one minute and then to be able to do physical labor the next. I also know my core strength has increased dramatically, I’ve used muscles I didn’t know existed. I swear by the wedge, it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. No more eating Aleve and lying on the couch screaming with each movement. I LOVE IT – I tried conventional stretches, chiropractic and physical therapy – those did not help me – the WEDGE DID!!