M.E.C.A. Core Program

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What is the MECA CORE Program?

The MECA CORE Program is taking the Fitness Industry by storm!  We are presenting certifications, lectures and workouts all over the US.  Contact us and we would be happy to come to you!

MECA Core Program Description:

The group training class known as MECA Core is a very innovative core strengthening class that is poised to change the way core and abdominal exercises are performed.  Developed utilizing sound science from the fields of biomechanics and kinesiology, MECA Core focuses on exercises designed to help undo cultural influences that adversely affect human movement.  Biomechanical science has demonstrated that the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain and degenerative joint disease (arthritis), is significantly enhanced by these negative cultural influences.

The MECA Core class begins with yoga style poses that have been modified to meet specific goals.  The effectiveness and efficiency of yoga poses for the purposes of strength, flexibility and balance are difficult to match.  The class then progresses into abdominal exercises utilizing the MECA Wedge.  Made from a blend of unique polymers and specific shape, the MECA Wedge is designed to protect your lower back from the damaging forces of traditional abdominal exercises such as crunches and leg raises.  In addition, the MECA Wedge will gently enhance the natural extension of the spine and accentuate the elasticity of the supportive soft tissue of the lower back muscles and ligaments.  The MECA Wedge also redirects the negative forces of traditional abdominal conditioning from the lower back into the abdominal wall, so the ab strengthening efforts are substantially enhanced.  The class concludes with traditional core stabilization exercises and rehabilitative exercises that completely round out the program.

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson and Heather Crosby guide you through this workout giving you the tools to deliver an effective, challenging workout to individual clients and class settings to suit every fitness level participant or back pain sufferer.