How to Care for your MECA Wedge

Please be sure to keep your MECA Wedge away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Please do not leave your MECA Wedge in the car or by a direct heat source. The MECA Wedge is covered with a disinfectant coating, so please refrain from using solvents to clean your MECA Wedge. If you would like to wipe down your MECA Wedge, please do so with a damp cloth. Do not puncture, cut, tear or poke your MECA Wedge. Be nice to your MECA

Wedge. Please keep your MECA Wedge away from small children, pets, magazines and newspapers, as small children and pets like to bite and puncture MECA Wedges and if your MECA Wedge adheres to a magazine or newspaper you will be reading the same article or looking at the same picture branded on your MECA Wedge forever. Thank you!