Course Testimonials

Michael D. Boxing Coach and Martial Art Master

“The MECA Core Class cured my 20 year battle with my lower back, so I had to take the certification course to find out the science behind its success. Mixing the science with the practical gave me a much deeper understanding.

Well Done course — I was not disappointed — Well Worth the time and money.”

Cheryl E. Physical Therapy Assistant

“I have been successfully working on the MECA Back Wedge to resolve my own back pain

for over a year with a very basic understanding of the science behind the product. In order to bring the Wedge into my clinic, I needed to be well versed in not only in the science behind the Wedge, but all it could offer to our patients as well.

Not only was the course very thorough in presenting

the science, but the hands on application of exercises as well. The instructors are very passionate about what they do and are very approachable.

I would highly recommend this course to any clinician or fitness instructor who wants their patients/clients to achieve the best results for core strength and freedom to function without back pain.”

Mary M. Brewster, MA

“ I heard about the MECA Back Institute from a fellow martial artist and long time friend who had been exposed to the use of the MECA Back.“Wedge” and found the program to be rewarding. I had watched him over the years struggle with chronic back problems and how it restricted what he was able to do on a daily basis. Although I personally do not suffer from back problems, I was curious to learn why this program was so beneficial to him and why he was so enthusiastic about its results. I also wanted to know if there was anything that I could incorporate in my training and teaching to help my students who also suffer from chronic back problems. I couldn’t help but think about what I might be doing, or not doing, that could potentially be aggravating their existing back problems. So, with no prior exposure or experience with the Wedge I signed up for the course.

It is no exaggeration to say that this certification course was one of the best seminars that I have attended and one with the most influence on my approach to back and abdominal training. Dr. Andersons’ seminar was clear and well organized and the material was well presented and educational with a wonderful blend of science and practical application. It was also great that a written manual, DVD and Wedge were included for immediate application and that I was able to experience the benefits of the Wedge during the course.

It is my opinion that the MECA Back Institute is on the leading edge of the health and fitness industry and their certification should be obtained by anyone interested in learning about why chronic back pain exists, how they can prevent future problems and alternative methods of pain management for existing back issues. Do yourself, and anyone you care about with back pain, a favor and take this course!!”