Chronic Back Pain

(Herniation, Stenosis, Spondylothesis, Degenerative Disk…)

Carl Sigsbee, M.D. Director of Medical Education, Department of Emergency Medicine, Cape Cod Hospital

I have battled back issues since college — I even had a disc removed years ago — but was still experiencing pain. The changes I’ve seen from implementing the MECA Protocol are amazing – I’ve had better results than anything else I’ve ever done for my back.

Jean Y.

I have never been one for praising unnecessarily, much less giving a testimonial for a product. However, in the case of the MECA wedge, I will happily and wholeheartedly extol the virtues of its use and results. I have been actively working out for injury mitigation and health for over five years. Due to injuries, I have always experienced a level of frustration with working out in any way…whether simple body weight, weights, bells, machines, etc. When introduced to the MECA wedge over a year and a half ago, I immediately understood the mechanics and was impressed at the science behind the design. I bought one on the spot. Having used it 5 days a week since then, I can truthfully say that it is the first time I have ever felt successful at working out as I know that whatever I do on the wedge can’t hurt me and can only help in my health goals. The freedom from fear of wedge work has meant that I am finally self-motivated in working towards my goals. The health benefits of the wedge are legion… herniated discs quieted, more stability, more ability to work from the abs, a stronger back, stronger overall…one could go on

and on. So, if you haven’t got one, get it and start. You have nowhere to go accept up.

Cathy G.

The Wedge came into my life and it has changed it significantly. I’m a musician in the NYC subways, I lug a bag filled with EQ up and down stairs, and then play a guitar that torques my body for 3 hours straight, of course my back takes the punishment. I can’t believe I haven’t thrown my back out once, since I started using the Wedge 4 months ago. The program is easy and the wedge is also easy to travel with. It’s something I do on my own at my own pace and even 5 minutes makes a difference.

Jen P-E.

When I went to see Dr. Anderson I was desperate. Years of chiropractic care did not improve the instability in my lower back. Episodes of “throwing” my back out began to occur more frequently and each episode became increasingly painful and debilitating. The last episode left me feeling frustrated and helpless – my back could not handle daily activities like emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry, or working out anymore. I met with Jeff once. He immediately recognized the instability and stiffness of my lower back and recommended several exercises to perform daily on the MECA wedge. Within two weeks I was on the road to recovery. It has been 3 weeks since I religiously incorporated Dr. Anderson’s routine into my everyday life. My back hasn’t felt this good in years. The transformation my back has undergone in such a short time is amazing. I have been able to return to all of my regular activities, including a twice-weekly Kettlebell class. My back feels more flexible, stronger, and more resilient than ever. And I owe it all to the MECA Wedge.

*(One month later in an email) My back feels amazing. I really can’t believe it. It feels so much more relaxed and just… better. I have no problem using the wedge now – I am not stiff like I first was. I am so thankful. My back has not felt this good in YEARS. I really cannot believe it. I have been spreading the word about the MECA wedge to everyone I know.

Mark Lobliner President, Scivation/Primaforce

All I can say is, “WOW!” I am a bodybuilder in pre-contest mode and I have been affected by lower back pain for years. After just TWO USES of the MECA Back Wedge, my back discomfort was down significantly and my strength in the gym had increased. It even eased the post-flight pain I get from traveling so much on airplanes. Thanks!

Cindy R.

I have a life long disease known as Machado-Joseph disease ( It is important for me to keep my body moving as well as strengthen my core. The MECA Classes have made me feel more confident, stable on my feet, emotionally energized and well. It provides what I need! The effects of using the MECA Wedge has made a difference in my posture, the stiffness in my back, the strength in my core and has alleviate the pain I used to feel in my coccyx, which had been bothering me for many years. Within a short period of time using the wedge, I did not feel any pain! I can’t wait to get on my MECA Wedge, it’s a treat!

Beth F.

There is no question that when my husband’s back is aching after working all day, if he uses the wedge the ache goes away… it has helped him continue to function without the 24 hour ache that he used to have…

Tom B.

Since I have back issues, I have tried everything from Acupuncture to Chiropractic to Massage. Since using the MECA Back Wedge, I have been able to keep my back pain to a minimum in order to stay away from surgery. After hours of yard work, all I do is lie on the wedge for 10 minutes and I have no pain. I am even able to bartend for 10 hours, and not have back pain after laying on the wedge for just 10 minutes. Thanks MECA Wedge!!

Maryann C.

The MECA Back Wedge has changed my life! With a chronic back problem and herniated disc, most protocols were simply not working. Through MECA classes and almost daily use (even taking my ” wedge” through airport security and hearing the officer ask, “Lady, what’s this?”) — I am pain-free, feel ten-years younger with heaps of energy and stamina. I am a devout believer in the MECA Back Wedge, and my initial skepticism has changed to a life-long user.

Ted B.

After 30 plus years of chronic back pain & general stiffness I discovered the MECA Back Institute & they developed a program for me that includes using the Wedge. I am now much more aware of my body mechanics and what activities help (or hurt) my back. My workouts continue to improve my posture, strength and flexibility while substantially reducing my back pain…as long as I myself! When I get lazy and don’t do the workouts I get tight & sore but when I get back on the wedge I feel my back unload. It really works!!

Karen H.

I have always been healthy and active, but after a disc herniation 6 years ago, it hurt just to do a simple sit up. Then, I discovered MECA. I lie on the back wedge for 10 minutes every night, and I do my abdominal exercises on it 3-4 times a week. My back pain was better in two weeks and after just 5 months, my core is stronger than ever and I no longer need any treatment. Thank you!

Chris Dennehey Union Welder

As a union welder for the gas company I am forced into awkward positions that would inevitably lead to back pain by the end of the day…until I began using the MECA Protocol. I’ve been on the Wedge for approximately 3 months and I can’t believe the difference in mobility — and the lack of back pain!

Lucy Z.

I had some issues with lower back pain in the past, and I was introduced to the MECA Wedge and its excellent strengthening exercises. I feel the core work on the wedge has been extremely helpful in lessening the occurrence of episodes. I had never enjoyed a fitness class so much, and it was amazing just how swiftly that hour flew by. I left the class feeling energetic and renewed, and I still get that same feeling each time I attend. I also enjoy other sports and activities. I especially like to play golf, ski, ride my bike, and take long walks on the beach. The MECA Back classes help me to stay strong and fit at age 63 so I can continue to participate in the things I love to do for many years to come. Thank you!

James Michael Loring Corrections Officer, Plymouth County Sheriff Department

I have been plagued with low back pain for years. After working a full day in the prison or doing road details, I would find that my back was tight and achy. I tried different belts, shoes, stretches etc. — with little change. Last year, I began using the MECA Back Wedge and stretching my hips daily. Within a few weeks, I noticed a huge decrease in low back pain and discomfort.