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 Get Certified to teach MECACORE 

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Founder of the MECA SPINE INSTITUTE will lecture and give you hands on experience on  MECA Spine Mechanics & The science behind the MECA CORE WORKOUT

You’ll experience the Revolutionary MECA CORE CLASS 1st hand. You will be given the tool to teach a challenging and safe workout to any fitness level.

You will learn the latest in biomechanics research on back health, core strength, and the revolutionary, patented MECA PROGRAM!!

Program Description:

MECA CORE Class Certification:

Be on the cutting edge of the revolutionary M.E.C.A. CORE Training System!  Learn the fundamentals of teaching the most efficient, results driven workout designed to create unprecedented core strength, improve stability and eliminate back pain.  Develop a comprehensive understanding of how the M.E.C.A. Core System is changing the way we train.  Utilizing sound biomechanical research, you’ll learn techniques and concepts to recognize muscular imbalance and weakness in your clients.  Learn program design to re-groove appropriate motor patterns that will guide your clients through a pain free journey to achieve their fitness goals.  This program is unique and revolutionary and is sure to enhance retention and results in both the personal training and group instruction venue.

The m.e.c.a. Wedge is on the fast track and proven essential in any training.. Don’t miss out

Watch the MECA Core Class trailer