Eric Boguneicki Professional Hockey Player, Retired

Since I’ve been using the MECA Back Wedge for my abdominal conditioning, my core has never been stronger and my back has never felt better.

Matt Clark Professional Runner, Adidas

As someone who always worked through a “traditional” core session lying flat, I truly feel that in 10 minutes, when using the wedge, I can be far more effective than if I were to workout for twice as long without it. In my sport — where efficiency is a must — this protocol has given me significant advantage in my ability to maintain good posture and form in both training and competition situations.

Sue D.

Being an avid runner I had been suffering from back and hip pain for many years. Since using the MECA Back Wedge and integrating the principals of the MECA Back Institute into my workouts, I run without pain these days and that is a miracle.

Sue N.

I just wanted you to know how glad I am to be taking your MECA Core class. I am a beginner runner that had gotten injured. I was looking for an exercise class or something to keep me active until I could run again. After taking the MECA class and using the wedge, I was amazed at the results. My core has gotten stronger. I use to have back problems from time to time, but I have not had one back problem since I started taking the class. Also, I recently started running again and I feel so different than the first time I began running. I feel so much stronger and I am running faster than I ever did before. I don’t know how to explain it except to say I give all the credit to your MECA class. When I thought I was taking a class just to keep me busy, I found I ended up with a whole lot more!